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Hi All, I’m Claire, but i'm known to my friends as ‘Pixie’.
I’m a graphic designer & photographer & when I’m not working on a project for a client, I’m usually found out in the open air behind my camera. I love photographing any form of nature especially sunsets, wildlife and flowers, it really makes me appriciate the smaller things in life.
 I studied art and design at a college in Cambridgeshire and cut my teeth working for a graphic design company in St Neots, where I learnt very quickly about meeting deadlines and working with clients, something they don’t teach you at college. I loved the work, but wanted to work in the wider field of web design, so followed a further course in the use of Dreamweaver and Flash which I now use in many of my web design commissions.
 I also studied photography at college but it was in the good old days of film and darkrooms, I got my first digital camera just after they were released and taught myself digital photography with the help of many books and research on the internet.

You can buy my work printed on to lots of different products in my online Gift Shop

I hope you enjoy viewing my work.


Samsung GX10 and Canon D60

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